Bike Shelters

Our bike and cycle shelters can be made to fit many different specifications from a small, wall mounted shelter to a fully covered compound. We also supply cycle loops suitable for the securing of any two-wheeled vehicle from children’s scooters to adult motorcycles. We also have the provision to provide full installation of your shelter if required. 

Smoking Shelters

From a business perspective, especially with a customer facing atmosphere. A smoking shelter helps give a clear indicated area for smokers to use, instead of picking wherever they feel suits best, which might just be the entrance and exit where your foot traffic is coming in and out.

Having a smoking shelter will also help curb littering as it gives a designated area for the disposal of used cigarette ends and allows for them to be extinguished safely. The law states that smoking areas must not be enclosed so modern smoking shelters accommodate for this with adequate ventilation on all sides while still providing shelter.  Our smoking shelters come with either steel or Perspex backings.

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