Our Story

The story begins in 2008. Ashley was a sales manager for a major locker manufacturer and his wife Kerry was pregnant with his third child Verity.  Everything was going well and he was looking forward to the imminent new arrival. The day finally arrived and the couple welcomed their daughter to the world. 


It was then that disaster struck, what should have been a happy occasion was tainted when Ashley received a phone call from his then boss telling him that they were making him redundant. With the recession starting to bite and jobs at an all time low Ashley had the idea of starting his own company, specialising in replacement locker parts and repairs.


At the time there were no companies offering this service and Ashley saw this as a great opportunity to help the environment whilst saving customers plenty of money against buying new lockers.


The only problem to getting the company off the ground was that banks were reluctant to lend money and other forms of funding had dried up. To counter this Ashley decided to learn how to design his own website and optimise it for Google and purchased second hand office furniture and equipment. The first two years were extremely difficult and without access to cashflow the company nearly folded on several occasions.


Ashley said “Just at the point that we thought we’d have to shut the doors an order would come in which would keep us going a bit longer”.

Eventually though hard work, determination and a large slice of luck, Lockertek started to grow and we were able to invest more into the company to ensure stability. In 2010 this hard work was recognised by the FSB and other important business bodies and Lockertek won 6 awards including best e-business, innovation, small business and national start up. The business today is a far cry from those humble beginnings working in their bedroom.


Lockertek is arguably the fastest growing company in the industry offering nearly 10,000 products and thousands of customers worldwide that range from small business to multi national organisations. In recognition of these achievements Ashley has recently earned the Goldman Sachs 10ksb award and graduated at Oxford University in 2017.

In April 2019, after adding more staff to their rapidly flourishing team, Lockertek were outgrowing their initial office and moved to a brand new facility at Snetterton Business Park. With a bespoke layout to aid productivity, Lockertek has become the leading company in the industry when it comes to out of the box thinking.