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River Island are a fashion clothing retailer that can be found in most shopping centres and retail parks. They stock a wide range of clothes, shoes and accessories for men women and children. They have a repuation for offering high quality products with high street prices. Click the link below to check out their great range of clothes and accessories.


River Island 

The Brief 

River Island approached us looking for a new staff locker solution which allowed them to move away from the headache of managing locker keys, they also wanted to reduce stock theft by displaying the contents of each locker.

Aesthetics were also an important consideration as they wanted to brighten up the area where the lockers were to be installed.    

The Solution 

The obvious solution when it came to the right locker for the customer was our vision panel range. These lockers feature a polycarbonate window within each metal door which clearly displays the contents of each locker, this helps to reduce stock theft by up to 80%. This type of locker is very popular in the retail sector and we felt it was the perfect solution for this customer. 

The client also wanted to get away from the headache of issuing and managing locker keys as this takes up valuable time in store. This is also a problem when it comes to casual staff who are employed during busy periods.

To alleviate this we suggested fitting the excellent KL1000 electronic combination lock, this multi-function electronic locker lock offers totally flexibility and features two modes, the first is a permanent code for use by contracted staff and a second multi-user mode which is great for temporary staff. There is also a 10 digit master code for access by managment or maintenence. 

We also worked closely with River Islands in-house design team to come up with a colour scheme that reflects their vibrant and fashionable brand.  


Check out our range of retail lockers below.

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