Your Lockers Have Been Delivered. What is your next move?

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Your Lockers Have Been Delivered. What is your next move?


So, you have ordered your dream locker by following our guide on what your options are when designing a new locker. Now you have patiently waited, and your locker has been delivered. what are the next steps to take? 


Pre-step: Accept your delivery.


This is a quick preliminary note to mention that locker deliveries are curb side only unless you have requested and paid for installation. This is because delivery drivers are not insured to bring lockers into your building. They still might but it’s not guaranteed! With that being said, here are the 5 steps to receiving your locker delivery!


Step 1: Unwrap Your Lockers 


Your lockers will arrive wrapped in a strong plastic and bolstered with cardboard to protect the edges from damage. Carefully unwrap this and take all excess packaging off the locker.


Step 2: Check For Any Damages


Once your locker is unwrapped, carefully check over the frame and doors for any damage. Any damage will need to be reported within 48 hours of receiving the locker and this will be stated in your order acknowledgement. A replacement can then be arranged.


Step 3: Find Your Keys


If you have ordered a locker with keyed locks, you may be wondering why none of your locker compartments have keys! These keys are located in a bag at the base of the locker. These keys will be either for all of your compartments or will be the key for the top compartment with the rest of the keys secured inside. If you have ordered a master key with your lockers then you will find this attached to your delivery note.


Step 4: Try Out Your Locks


Now that you have located your keys. You should now test out your locks to make sure they secure your compartments properly. This is also relevant if you have keyless locks such as hasp locks, coin locks or digital locks. 



If you have followed these steps and have not had to stop. Then congratulations, your locker has been successfully delivered and is ready for use!