Where Can I Buy School Furniture?

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Stacking Chat Chair:


Stacking Chat Chair by Lockertek

Our Stacking Chat Chairs are the perfect chairs for schools and offices. They are stackable which is a very useful trait to have when it comes to tidying up. You simply stack them up and now you can clean around where all the chairs would have been. Simple! We are able to have six chairs in each stack.


These chairs can cater to a large range of sizes and weights when it comes to the users, the seat width being 440mm. This chair also has a strong and stable frame which is polished to create a nicer aesthetic.


To ensure that the chairs look amazing in all environments, we provide them in a range of different fashionable colours.








36 Tray Classroom Storage Open Cupboard With 2 Shelves:

36 tray classroom storage open cupboard with 2 shelves by lockertekThis Classroom Storage Cupboard is the best storage unit that a school could possibly ask for! Not only does it have 36 trays to store various different things in, but it also has two shelves to place all those tall books on.


We also offer a range of MFC finishes for the outer frame so that our storage unit will look good in any classroom environment. The trays are also available in many other vibrant colours.


Best of all, these storage units come fully assembled and ready to use. This means that you won’t have to waste your time and you can utilise them straight away. This storage unit is manufactured in the UK.












Rectangle Stacking Classroom Table:

Rectangle Stacking Classroom Table by Lockertek

Our Rectangle Stacking Classroom Tables are fantastic for students 11 years old and older. The 710mm height is recommended for 11-13 years old and the 760mm height is recommended for 14 year olds to adults.


Smaller heights are available as well if you call 01953 718221. The frame is made of graphite, which is very strong and finished in a durable epoxy paint coating meaning that the legs of the table will not scuff as quickly and will remain looking new for far longer. These tables are also UK designed and manufactured to meet the highest British and international standards.


One of the best things about these tables is that they are stackable. This means that they can be transported quicker and that more tables can be stored and tidied away at one time.



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