Urban Vintage Installations

Posted by Luke 16/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Case Studies,

Our Urban Vintage range of lockers always prove to be a fantastic addition to any room, bringing some retro inspired charm.


In a couple of recent installations our Urban Vintage lockers have a found a home in a gym and in an escape room attraction.


In this gym, the locker is used for the storage of gym equipmement and gives a smart contemporary look whilst also providing security for the stored equipment with a cam lock and keys for each compartment. The locker was made to a custom size for the customer to fit their equipment and we think it looks great!



Urban vintage locker in a gym from LockertekUrban vintage locker in a gym from Lockertek


Our next installation was at an escape room attraction where the lockers were be used to store clues for players to find and with these, our standard size six door locker fit the bill as the customer wanted to fit vintage lock boxes in the compartment and this size turned out to be just the right fit!


The compartments are fitted with hasp locks to work as a turn handle to secure the compartment but also with the ability to add a padlock, a common staple of escape rooms!



Urban vintage lockers in an escape roomUrban vintage lockers in an escape roomUrban vintage lockers in an escape room



Looking for a smart, contempory locker with classic flare? Take a look at Urban Vintage section! If you are looking for a custom size, you can contact us for a quote!