The Best Lockers For A Golf Club

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the best lockers for a gold club, available from lockertek


One of the most common places to find lockers is at golf clubs up and down the country and with golf equipment being among the most expensive of sports equipment, its important to keep these items secure in a locker that is fit for purpose.


A golfer carries the majority of their equipment in a purpose made bag which will house their golf clubs as well as tees, rangefinders and other golf related tech.



The main piece of sports equipment in golf is the golf club, these can vary in size from 44 to 48 inches so taking the length of the club into consideration, a full height, one door locker is your best bet. A standard full height locker will be between 1780mm and 1800mm which will be enough to take the full length of a golf club. To accommodate a full bag (our example is a staff golf bag, which is typically the largest bag available), we recommend going with a larger size of 450mm width and 450mm Depth. All of our single door lockers come with a hat shelf as standard which will provide help for storing other items such as regular shoes and clothing whilst the golf outfit is being used out on the green.



When it comes to lock choice, golf clubs tend to work on a membership structure and a cam lock, and two keys will allow each player to secure their belongings during rounds. A combination lock is also a viable option for members as it allows compartments to be reserved with a code and eliminates the risk of lost keys.



For the design of the lockers, golf clubs tend to be more suited to wooden front lockers such as the Timberbox. These lockers have a wide range of finishes and are constructed with a steel frame for strength. Another popular choice may be Laminate fronted door locker which can be produced in a variety of colours for a more vibrant look.



A stand with an incorporated bench would also be a great addition to your lockers to allow players to sit while they change.



So, to culminate everything we have discussed in this article, our verdict on the best locker for a golf club would be:



  • An MFC or laminated fronted single door locker at full height to accommodate the full length of a golf club.
  • To have at least 450mm width and 450mm depth to accommodate the size of a golf bag.
  • To have either a cam lock with keys or combination locks for club members.
  • To have either laminate or MFC doors, depending on club preference.
  • To have a locker stand with incorporated bench to allow sitting during changing.


You can see the lockers and stands mentioned in this article at the links below.


1 Door laminate fronted golf locker


1 Door MFC fronted golf locker


1 Door wooden fronted golf locker


If you need any further advice on the best lockers for a golf club, you can contact our friendly team!