The Best Lockers For A Bowls Club

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The Best Lockers For A Bowls Club.



the best lockers for a bowls club by LockertekOne of the most common places to find lockers is at sport facilities and places where sports equipment is stored. The area I’m focusing on in this article is bowls, specifically lawn bowls which is widely played across the globe. When considering lockers to be used with a bowls club there are a few things that need to be considered.



A player typically carries 2 – 4 bowls for a game and these can be valued up to £370 for a set of four so having somewhere to secure them is a worthwhile investment! Lawn bowls are also quite weighty, so this is also worth bearing in mind when choosing lockers.



Bowls players carry their bowls, uniform, and extra equipment in a purpose made bag. These bags tend to be between 450 and 480mm in length so we would suggest going for a deeper locker size to accommodate this.



Z Lockers by Lockertek great for Bowls ClubsLike other sports, a lot of bowls players bring their clothes to the bowls club and get changed into their uniform before a game. Single door lockers provide a shelf which gives an area for shoes and casual clothing to be stored during games, leaving room for the bag below. It is also customary to wear blazers for ceremonies and the one and two door lockers have either a hanging rail or coat hooks to allow this blazer to be hung while not in use. Another option would be to go for a ‘Z’ locker. These lockers optimise space and have half a shelf per compartment plus a tall compartment with a hanging rail for a blazer or uniform. Though it should be noted these lockers are only available with steel or laminate doors.



Cam locks and keys are the best option for bowls clubs for use with membersWhen it comes to lock choice, as bowls clubs work with memberships, a cam lock and two keys allows a member to be given a key to keep for that locker but also for the club owner to keep a key in the instance of a lost key or a termination of membership.



timber box lockers from Lockertek. Perfect for public areas of bowls clubsFor the design of the lockers, if the lockers are to be situated in a changing room then a steel locker will fit the bill and can have the doors painted to resemble team colours. If the lockers are to be situated in public view, then something with a smarter wood effect finish such as the timber box locker will be more suited. Both have steel frames meaning they are more than equipped to handle the weight of modern bowls equipment.




A stand with an incorporated bench would also be a great addition to your lockers to allow players to sit while they change.



So, to culminate everything we have discussed in this article, our verdict on the best locker for a bowls club would be:



  • A steel frame locker with two compartments, either in the ‘Z’ shape or in the standard two door configuration.
  • At least 460mm in depth to accommodate for a bowls bag.
  • To have a cam lock with keys for members.
  • To either have steel doors or wood effect doors, depending on locker location.
  • To have a locker stand with incorporated bench to allow sitting during changing.


You can see the lockers and stands mentioned in this article at the links below.



If you need any further advice on the best lockers for a bowls club, you can contact our friendly team!