Steel Lockers With RFID Locks, The Bear Grylls Adventure Park

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Modern Theme parks such as Alton Towers, Legoland and the Disney parks across the pond all utilise the latest in smart locker technology. Not only providing the most advanced security for lockers but incorporating their digital locker key into RFID enabled smart bands that can be used for multiple applications such as purchasing gifts in shops, paying for meals and fast tracking on your favourite rides.


So, when we were approached for the new The Bear Grylls Adventure Park in Birmingham. An RFID smart locker was the best choice. 


Groups of lockers at bear grylls adventure park by lockertek      Lockers in use at bear grylls adventure park, by lockertek     RFID Smart bands for lockers at the bear grylls adventure by lockertek


The brief required was for banks of lockers which could be accessed by any park guest at any time with their bespoke wristwatch. For this we suggested our 3 door steel lockers with a Gantner RFID Lock. This lock offers lots of extra features such as auditing when each locker compartment is in use, allowing park staff to clear out any lockers that have not been opened by the end of the day, minimising the amount of unusable locker compartments. (If you’d like to find out more about this lock you can check out our RFID Buyers Guide)


RFID Lock in use on lockers at the bear grylls adventure by lockertek     Lockers in a row at the bear grylls adventure by lockertek


As this is a non-standard fit lock for this locker, the doors were custom cut to fit the Gantner lock, with a spacer added to stop interference between the RFID tag and the metal locker surface.

The colours chosen were a vibrant orange which stood out well against a black frame and were picked to match in with the theming of the rooms with which each bank of lockers is situated. 






If you’re looking to buy the lockers used in this installation you can find lockers here. For the locks that were used in this installation you can find these here (If you’d like to have these lockers installed with these exact locks as shown. Give us a call on 01953718221 with your requirements!)