Staff lockers - Wellcome Trust Cancer research Labs

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Staff storage lockers for the Wellcome Trust labs at Cambridge University

The Wellcome trust cancer research labs or Gurdon institute as they are otherwise known at Cambridge university are a global leader in cancer research. They employ hundreds of scientists and support staff from all over the world.

These staff needed somewhere safe to store their personal belonginigs while they are carrying out thier vital work.

The Brief

The customer requirement was to supply a large number of new lockers to increase storage capacity within the labs. These lockers had to be high quality and the colours needed to exactly match the customers specific colour scheme.

They also wanted to convert most of the existing lockers from 2 compartments to 3 compartments. This process involved removing the locker doors, locks and internal shelves and replacing with new ones.

This is much more difficult than it sounds, as the centre shelf in the previous configuration is welded in and needed to be removed using specialist tools. The job was a complete success and was a testiment to the experience and professionalism of our fitting teams.

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Below is a link to our range of staff lockers

Staff lockers

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