Product spotlight, Keyless combination locks

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Mechanical combination locks are one of the most popular methods of securing lockers. Known for their low running costs. Mechanical combination locks have a lot of advantages such as not using batteries, meaning there is less waste with disposable batteries as well as less lock breakdowns due to a loss of power.  


In this product spotlight we will be looking at our premium range of mechanical combination locks, manufactured by Keyless Co.



Manufactured in Irving, Texas. The keyless 1 and keyless 360 mechanical locks offer more functionality and reliability than any other mechanical combination lock on the market.  Let’s break down the different elements that make the keyless locks one of our top picks for combination locks.



Build quality



Both models of the keyless combination locks feature a solid metal body made entirely of nickel. The lack of plastic components and wires lends to the locks’ reliability and keyless offers a 5-year warranty for their locks so stand by the quality of their locks.






The Keyless locks offer features not often seen on other mechanical combination locks, one being that both the 1 and 360 locks offer a shared use mode, making them a great choice for gyms. Shared use means that after each use, the lock’s dials are reset to 0 and the locks current code is reset to allow the next user to use the locker. Both locks also incorporate a turning handle with the option for an ADA variant.  This handle is also the place where you will find the entry point for the master override key. This key allows the lock to be opened without affecting the user code but also works as a code finder in the event that a code is forgotten.






Both types of keyless locks are available in three distinct finishes consisting of satin nickel, matte black and matte white while the keyless1 lock also has a satin gold finish. Both locks can also be made in a rose gold finish for an extra cost.



Bonus features



The keyless locks also feature re-programmable cylinder which means if a master key is lost or stolen. A new master key can be issued which, once inserted, can re-program the lock to accept the new master key and only the new master key.



If you are looking to create a project using either model of Keyless locks or are looking to retrofit Keyless locks to existing lockers, get in touch with our team.