Product Spotlight: Assa Cam Locks

Posted by Luke 18/10/2018 0 Comment(s) Lockers,

Assa Cam lock, the premium build quality choice for cam locks for lockers.

Assa Abloy are a world renowned manufacturer of locks and locking systems for all use. Other famous brands within their group include Yale and Multilock.


When it comes to lockers, most people will recognise their coin locks which are used in leisure centres, gyms and golf clubs across the U.K and beyond. 


The brand is a byword for quality and although their locks are never the cheapest, they do offer unparalleled build quality which in itself represents value.


Today I'd like to focus on the unsung hero of the Assa lock range, the 8450 and 10450 cam locks. 


To those who don't spend their days talking locks, these are a simple lock and key mechanism for lockers. They are designed primarily for use in wood, MDF or laminate lockers but can also be used n a few high security metal locker types. The difference between the 8450 and 10450 is simply the length of the cylinder, the 8450 is designed to fit doors up to 20mm thick and the 10450 is designed to fit doors up to 22mm thick. 


The lock itself is in a different league in terms of build quality and the weight of the lock compared to other brands is very reassuring. This range of locks is suitable for both wet and dry areas and features a solid brass core for excellent water resistance. If you are in the market for a key operated locker lock and both quality and security are essential then this is definitely the range for you. 


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