Probe Zenbox Wet Area Locker

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The Probe Zenbox Wet Area Lockers have a stylish but simple appearance and are ideal for swimming pool areas. They also happen to be available in a range of colours, widths and depths making them fit perfectly in almost any area. They are flush fitting units which means that they fit together splendidly and can be grouped together without looking strange.



Probe Zenbox Wet Area Locker by lockertekThe body of the lockers are made entirely from aluminium. This means that they are well suited for wet or humid areas. They are amazing at preventing the contents of the locker from becoming damp! The extruded aluminium frame also adds strength and stability to the lockers which means that the lockers will have a very long durability. You won’t need to keep repurchasing them. The lockers have 10mm solid grade laminate doors. These are strong and crucially act as an extra waterproof barrier to the contents of the locker. When it comes to the hinges, they are heavy duty and self closing. This is useful because it means that if you forget to close the door, it will close anyway and your possessions won’t become damp.



On the inside of the locker, there is an aluminium shelf. Aluminium shelves are very strong and have increased strength compared to other plastic shelves. It means that the shelves are much less likely to break when heavy objects are places on it. All of our lockers are manufactured in the UK so you can be sure that your delivery will be quick. We also have a 1 year manufacturers warranty if anything is wrong with your purchase.



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