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Printed lockers - St Helens School, Northwood


Customers often contact us looking for something a bit different. Long term customer, St Helens school, wanted lockers with a striking design for their new 6th form centre.


The Brief:


To supply and install lockers for the schools new 6th form centre. These lockers had to be a feature of the building rather than just furniture that just lined the corridors. We suggested printing directly onto locker doors with a design of the customers choice. 



The Solution:


Printing on to lockers is challenging, as conventional vinyl print can easily be peeled off of a locker door. The solution was to use state of the art printing and lacquering techniques to create a sharp permanant image across each run of lockers. After much deliberation, the client decided to go for prints from the Dutch artist Mondrian. These lockers look stunning and the artwork worked very well on the lockers, turning them from a storage solution into a real feature of the new building.

The customer was extremely happy with the end result and we think it looks great too.

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Printed lockers


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