Ordering A New Locker. The First Five Steps To Your New Dream Locker.

Posted by Luke 10/06/2019 0 Comment(s)

Ordering a new locker. 5 options to pick your dream locker

When it comes to lockers. Ordering new is always the best way to ensure that you have the best quality lockers, exactly to the specification you want them. 


In this article I will go over the 5 main options that you will need to choose to make your perfect lockers. Starting with, in my opinion, the most important part of a locker:


Step 1. Your Locks


Without locks, a locker isn’t a locker! Each type of lock has different features and will vary depending on your situation. Below is a brief summary of our lock options but clicking on a title will take you to a page giving more detailed information on each lock. 


Cam lock

The most common lock found on lockers and includes a set of two physical keys to operate each compartment.


Hasp Lock For Padlocks

A close variant of the cam lock. This turn handle style lock has an opening to accept a padlock that acts as the main locking mechanism, meaning that you will also need a padlock for this lock to be functional for each compartment.


Mechanical Combination Locks

These locks use a 4-digit combination to lock and eliminate the need for keys while also not needing the extra expense of a padlock.


Coin Locks

Popular in gyms and leisure centres. This is the lock to go for if you have lockers where people are likely to leave belongings. Incorporating a pound coin for use in the locker means people are less likely to leave their belongings in lockers overnight.


Digital Combination Locks

The most advanced lock offered as standard on our lockers, the digital combination lock offers the functionality of the mechanical combination lock with keyless access while also offering the ability to set the lock to accept multiple codes via a public mode. 


Step 2. Sizing up your options

The next thing to sort out is what size you want your locker to be. Below is a general guide but you can read more about locker sizes in this article here

Standard height lockers can be between 1780mm and 1800mm, with widths and depths ranging from 300mm to 460mm, depending on manufacturer. This is by no means a limit. As lockers are made to order, they can be made to larger sizes to fit your needs. 


Step 3. To slope or not to slope?


Sloping tops provide one very simple benefit. They keep your lockers uncluttered. The most important caveat to note with a sloping top is that they are built integrally. So if you decide later to have them after your lockers are made you will have a retro fit top that will be stuck to the top.


Step 4. Number Plates and Keyfobs


Used for identifying locker compartments. Have number plates and matching keyfobs can help people find their locker faster if being used in a public place such as a leisure centre. Depending on the type of locker you order. These can either be adhesive and stuck to the front of the locker in a recess or slid into a holder on the lock enclosure.


Step 5. Choosing Frame and Door Colours.

When it comes to choosing colours, a lot of people are surprised to learn that you can have other frame colours then standard grey. Some manufacturers offer white and black colour frames as standard but for a bit extra, other colours are available. 

Doors can come in a massive variety of colours and finishes and these vary greatly between manufacturers so if there is a certain colour you have seen that you would like for your locker door then contact our team and we will do our best to source it for you.

You can learn more about locker colours from this article here


Those are the 5 steps to ordering your dream locker. If you need any further help with making choices about your locker contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.