Looking for extra revenue channels for your gym? Monetise your lockers!

Posted by Luke 09/01/2019 0 Comment(s) Locker News And Updates,

As a gym owner, your core revenue will always come from membership fees. There are ways to supplement this with premium muscle supplements and other exercise equipment and accessories, offering exercise classes and other membership perks but a lot of gym owners overlook the extra revenue that can be made from their lockers.


Ok, I have the lockers, so how do I make the extra revenue?


lockertek - lockers can be great extra revenue channel for your gym


lockertek - coin retain boxes can provide extra revenue to gyms from their lockers A majority of gyms use coin locks and these will have the option for a coin retain box to be attached to the bottom of the lock. This will keep any coins that are put into the lock instead of returning it to the customer. Over several compartments this can become a substantial channel for extra revenue. Perhaps you use tokens in your coin locks instead of actual coins? Tokens could be sold from the front desk to customers. At the time of writing, our bag of 100 locker tokens works out to approximately 39p per token so even charging 50p for a token, over time, would return your investment. If you use lockers that have hasp locks for padlocks, you could sell padlocks to customers at the front desk if they have forgotten to bring their own.



Another option, if you have a gym equipped with wireless locks that are RFID compatible, is to apply a contactless charge to the use of your lockers. This could be achieved by selling compatible RFID wristbands at the front desk. Which customers could then use to access the lockers. Or with more advanced systems, this could be achieved with a contactless payment directly at the lock, though this implementation at present is still in it’s infancy.


With all the options mentioned above there is plenty of ways to make extra revenue from your gym lockers, the only question is. How long do you want to wait to make that extra revenue?