Lockers in 2019. What to expect.

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Lockers in 2019. What to expect.

2018 saw lockers move closer towards the ‘smart’ concept which is being rapidly adopted in consumers homes and is starting to make waves in the office space as well. Having received a smart speaker for Christmas, I started linking it to my lights and my television and could already see how impactful this would be to how people interact with objects in their homes. Offices are already seeing integrations of similar systems to allow for temperature control and board room allocations. So, what does mean for lockers?

Smart lockers are looking to become even more relevant in 2019 as the technology becomes more affordable and available to consumers. The locker industry as a whole tends to fall behind other areas when it comes to modernisation. The added maintenance cost and time of replacement keys has always been a sticking point with manual locks and while combination locks can alleviate this to a degree. There is a caveat of other issues that can arise from combination locks.


Keyless RFID locks are trying to do away with the conventional key by using wireless technology to allow users with existing ID cards to access lockers. This allows for advanced locker allocation abilities and means that less lockers go unutilised. This also makes the act of ‘replacing a key’ a quick and painless process with the use of an inexpensive RFID writer. This can either be something that is small enough to fit on a desk or it could be a separate kiosk with extra features.

Not only is immediate connectivity becoming more widely available in 2019 but the expanded connectivity is also becoming more mainstream in locker applications, our recent install at Bear Grylls adventure park features wrist worn devices that included functionality that exceeded just opening and locking the lockers on site. Being able to expand to other uses such as ordering refreshments and other purchases will make the adoption of RFID lockers an easier pill to swallow for businesses who are not sure about taking the digital leap from physical keys.


Lockertek - eLocker contactless locks are the smart locks to watch in 2019

With new modern theme parks, gymnasiums, schools, and offices popping up every day that need the latest technology. 2019 is set to be another great year of innovation in lockers.