Locker accessories. What they are and why you might need them.

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There are several accessories for lockers where it might not be apparent what their intended use might be. Some of these accessories improve functionality of the lockers or they might make it easy for users to identify compartments. In this guide, we explain exactly what these accessories are and how they might improve your locker experience.

Locker number plates

Number plates at excellent prices by lockertekLetters and numbers have always been a simple and effective way of identification in countless industries and lockers are no exception. Available in either letters, numbers or a combination of the two, number plates can be either a plate that can be inserted into a card holder (more on those later!) or can come with a self-adhesive backing to allow to be applied to elsewhere on your locker. Manufacturers can have different shaped number plates so if you’re looking for plates to fit particular card holders, Have a look at our cardholder page to identify the type of plates you require or you can give our team a call!

Key fobs

key fobs at the lowest prices by lockertekLocker key fobs follow the same basic concept of the number plates for identifying compartments but are primarily attached to keys for cam locks so that they can be matched up with a corresponding number plate. These also come in sizes and materials to match our number plates for a nice aesthetic touch.



Sloping top

Sloping tops both integral and retro-fit at lockertekSloping tops are the perfect accessory if your lockers are situated in hallways or in places that are easily viewed. Their primary purpose is stop users from leaving items on top of them. Making them appeared cluttered and messy. When ordering new lockers, adding a sloping top means it will be incorporated into the locker when it’s made. If being added to pre-existing lockers, these tops come with self-adhesive pads to allow them to be added to your lockers.

Lock lubricant

lock  lubricant to prolong the life of your locker locks at lockertekAs with all mechanical parts, intricate gears and mechanisms can seize up and under perform over time. A specially formulated lock lubricant can remedy this with a few quick sprays. And means the locks and padlocks on your lockers will last far longer.



Locker stands

locker stands for probe lockers from lockertekIn a lot of situations, having lockers placed on the floor is a perfectly viable option but, in some environments, this can cause issues and can lead to dirt and grime collecting at the base of the locker. With locker stands, this raises the lockers off the floor enough to allow a cleaner to clean under the locker and removes the chance of this dirt building up. A locker stand also has other benefits such as having adjustable feet which can rectify the issue of an uneven floor or having a small seat incorporated into the stan to allow users a place to sit.

Wrist straps 

wrist straps for locker keys in multiple colours from lockertek.Wrist straps serve the same purpose as key fobs but are primarily used in leisure environments such as spas and gyms where there are limited storage options for a key. A plastic wrist strap is water resistant and keeps the key secure to the user’s wrist. This can also be colour coded and can have letters and numbers to match corresponding number plates on the locker compartments. 



Rubber wristbands

rubber wrist straps for locker keys at lockertekPerhaps you don’t want to use plastic wrist straps, another option is the combination of rubber wristbands with locker keys, providing it has a water-resistant split ring. These can come in various colours but unfortunately lack the ability to have custom numbering.




Fishtail/laundry pins

Another option for leisure environments is a fishtail pin which allows a locker key to be attached to swimwear or gym clothing. 





Looking for a locker accessory not listed here? Drop us an email and we will help you find exactly what you are looking for!

Or you can check out our accessories page for the full set.