Lock Components, Save Your Locks From The Scrap Heap!

Posted by Luke 21/02/2019 0 Comment(s) Locker News And Updates,

Sometimes a lock stops working as it should but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you now must dispose of the whole lock. It might be a specific component of the lock that is at fault which when replaced, means you’ll save money as opposed to buy a whole new lock.

in this article we will have a look at the most common components that might need replacing. We will look at cam locks, hasp locks, combination locks and electronic digital locks.


Cam bars


Cam bars can be star, square, mini double D or cross shaped for lockers - lockertek

Cam bars are the bars at the end of the barrel of a lock and is the main part that engages with a frame to secure the locker compartment. Over time, this can cause the door to not be secured as tightly as required. Normally simply bending the cam bar with a pair of pliers will remedy this but if the cam bars are starting to weaken with age. A replacement cam bar will make the locker secure tightly. Cam bars can come in a variety of fixing shapes with some of the most common being these above.



If the cam bar cannot be removed from your lock, then unfortunately this means your cam bar cannot be replaced. It’s also important to measure your existing cam bar to make sure the new cam bar you order is as accurate as possible to the original. To do this. Measure the cam bar from the centre of the fixing hole to the end of the cam bar.



keys can be easilly replaced on locvks as long as you have the right key number- lockertekIs the key not working the lock as it should? Over time keys can be worn down and stop functioning as they should but the good news is keys are easily replaceable if you have the key number. This can be found either on the key itself or on the barrel of the lock. If you have combination locks or coin locks this might not be so easily identifiable, and it might be best to contact our team



padlocks can be given a new lease of life with lock lubricant - lockertekIf a padlock is proving stiff to operate, some lock lubricant will help loosen the internal mechanics and should bring the lock back to life. If this doesn’t remedy the problem, there might be internal corrosion. This is especially common if a padlock is used outside that is not made of marine grade components. In this instance the best option is to replace the padlock. 


Horseshoe clips, Fixing screws and nuts

fixing nuts, horseshoe clips and fixing screws can be easily replaced when they fail or go missing - lockertekLocks tend to have 1 to 4 screws, nuts or horseshoe clips either used to secure the cam to the lock or the lock to the door itself. These can work themselves loose or can be removed by vandals and will affect the locks integrity. Keeping these parts in place is essential to ensuring the locks stay working properly and should be checked regularly. Luckily these are inexpensive and can be replaced easily.



Replacing the batteries in digital locks will remedy most problems - lockertekElectronic locks have a very low fail rate and one of the most common causes for electronic locks failing to work is simply that the batteries have run flat. Depending on the type of lock you have, these can be replaced either by removing some fixings and moving the lock to the side to access the battery compartment or by removing the lock entirely.




Need a component to fix your broken, failing locks? Our components section may have exacttly what you need to get your locks back up and running.