Keeping your belongings safe and sound with a vault safe but where do I buy one?

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Securikey mini vault safes by LockertekWhen it comes to your valuables, not only is their monetary value to be concerned about but also the sentimental value attached to items which can mean a lot to you.


It makes sense to protect your precious possessions with a strong, good for value safe option. Safes can come in all different shapes and sizes from small lock boxes that can be kept in a draw to fully secured vaulted rooms with multiple security measures such as biometric locks and security cameras.


There are a few things to consider when buying a safe.


Keyed or Keypad?


Some people prefer having a physical key. With modern safes that utilise advanced key cutting technology to make it incredibly difficult for keys to be copied. This does carry its own risks as opposed to using a digital combination lock where there is no physical key that can be unlawfully copied.


Keyed locks do provide the peace of mind that there are no batteries involved meaning no possibility of being locked out of your safe if the batteries fail! Electronic Locks also carry their own benefits such being able to have multiple users given access to the safe without having to keep track of a key.


They are also physically harder to tamper with as there is no physical opening that could be prone to tampering.


Door locking bolts on securikey vault safe by lockertekBolting On

A majority of safes use reinforced bolts to secure the entry door closed. These bolts have always been strengthened either through the entire bolt or are coated in a secondary strong metal for further protecting against break-ins.


Safes usually start at a minimum of 2 bolts to secure the door but can go up to 10 or more bolts depending on the size and application. 


Hard as steel


A safe or vault must be able to withstand a lot of punishment in case of a potential break in. With a solid steel construction, anything 4mm or thicker is recommended if you want to be SBD Standard. This is Secure By Design and is the specification preferred by the police for it’s security.


This standard also calls for the locking bolts to be at least 25mm thick as well as having concealed hinges to further prevent the risk of prying or chiselling open the safe.



You, your safe is on fire!


A fire can be one of the most devastating occurrences to a business and causes the destruction of incredibly important documents and property. The worldwide protocol during a fire is to leave all possessions behind so if you want to add extra protection to important documents you might keep in a safe, it would be recommended to get a fire rated safe. Fire ratings start at 0 and go up to 5 with 5 being the highest.


All will offer light fire protection but it’s worth checking with the manufacturers what grade of protection will be suitable for your situation.


You can take a look at our range of safes offered by Securikey at the link here.