How To Order Number Discs From Lockertek

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Our number plates are famous for their durability and quality but with so many options available, where can you begin? Well with this guide, we explain how to choose the correct number discs or key fobs for you and how to order them through our website.


how to order number plates and number discs from Lockertek


Number Plate Or Key Fob..or Both!


The first step is to see what your project requires. If you need numbers that will be going on the doors or frames of your lockers, then you will need number plates. These come with an adhesive backing so you can stick them to a plethora of surfaces.

Need numbering for your keys? This is where our key fobs come in! Available in the same sizes and materials as our exclusive number discs, our key fobs come with a split ring so you can attach them to any locker key without further modification. 

Or perhaps you need both? Our number discs and key fobs are all made of the same materials and made to the same sizes so can be mixed and matched to suit your application.


Choosing Your Materiel


Whether it’s a touch of brass, or classic plastic, our range of number discs and key fob materials can suit many different types of locker and application. Our materials include brass, stainless steel and plastic.


Colour By Numbers


Our plastic key fobs are also available in a vibrant range of colours and are available with white or black text. 

Now that you have chosen what type of number plate you need and the material, the next step is to pick your size. Our exclusive number plates and key fobs come in either 27, 33 or 38mm diameters, for custom sizes, please contact us




Can I take your order?


The final step is to select your quantity and enter your numbering. So, for example, if you need 20 number plates numbered 1-20, you would select your quantity as 20 and entered your desired numbering as “1-20”. If you wanted to replace some existing numbers that have been damaged, 1,5,7 and 42 for example, you would but the quantity as 4 and enter the numbering as 1,5,7,42 or if you wanted 2 sets so you had replacements on hand for next time you have to replace a number you would enter the quantity as 8 and enter the numbering as 1 x2,5 x2, 7 x2, 42 x2. 


Once you have entered in your quantity and numbering sequence, you can go to checkout and finish your order! 
Your number discs will then be with you in 5-7 working days. Number plates that are not our exclusive range such as probe number plates will have varying lead times so please check this beforehand if you are needing numbering for a certain period.


You can see our whole range of number discs and key fobs here.