Hotel staff lockers, London

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We were approached to supply a large quantity of lockers to one of the worlds most famous and exclusive hotels in the heart of London.


The Brief:

The hotel has hundreds of staff and the existing locker room layout didn't provide enough locker capacity for every employee and the rooms were very tight on space . The client wanted us to find an innovative solution that would not only allow for more capacity but would also create more empty space for people to move round. 


The Solution:

Space in London is at a premium and we are often asked to install large numbers of lockers into small spaces. We love a challenge and this was right up our street. Firstly we needed to find a locker that would offer enough internal space for each user but would also save external space compared to their existing system. Our twin locker was perfect for the job. It offers each user a vertical hanging compartment for clothes or uniforms and a smaller horizontal one for personal items, both doors share a single key for easy access. The beneift of this type of locker is that you comfortably accomodate two users on the footprint on a single standard locker.

On this project the twin locker gave us more than enough compartments to suit the client and a new smart room layout ensure that we delivered the empty space to make the changing room feel less cluttered.


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