Have wooden lockers had their day?

Posted by Luke 25/02/2019 0 Comment(s) Locker News And Updates,

Wooden lockers are on the way out wood effect lockers are the way to go! - Lockertek


It’s becoming more and more rare to see wooden lockers in establishments up and down the country. Even as little as 10 years ago they were a popular choice for golf clubs and high-end leisure centres but have since fallen out of favour and this is due to a few factors.



While lockers constructed entirely out of wood can give a nice aesthetic look, their durability can be questionable and are far more susceptible to damage then other more hard-wearing materials.


As with any furniture made of solid wood or wood composites, the cost of materials and construction with wood is far more expensive than standard steel and what you end up paying doesn’t necessarily equal to the quality of the product

Production time

Due to the extra cutting, milling and finishing of wood products. Wood lockers can take twice as long as standard steel lockers to produce and you should add extra time to this if you are having a colour that isn’t a natural woodgrain.

Fire Resistance

As with any wooden product, fire resistance is much lower when compared to a steel locker and in the wake of the Grenfell tower fire. This is becoming an ever more important element when a new locker project is being specified.

So, what if you had your heart set on wooden lockers but once you’ve seen the costs or the lead times you now have that sinking feeling that you won’t get that high-quality wooden look locker for your business. Consider a wood effect alternative that won’t break the bank.

There are ranges of lockers that have wood effect panelling that, when combined with a steel or aluminium frame, deliver a strong, affordable locker solution that gives the appropriately premium look. There are a couple of material options to have a great looking wood effect locker.


Lockers such as our Timberbox range sport an 18mm MDF panel with a timber laminated finish to give that wooden look at a fraction of the cost. This also carries the benefit of having the active coat properties of other lockers in the probe range. 


Another option is to have a laminate door with a wood grain effect finish. This will prove to be a very strong and resistant door and can be either inset or overlay on the locker frame giving you a bit more flexibility in the design.


Solid Wood

While a bespoke option, depending on the frame they are being fitted to it might be possible to have a solid wood door on a steel frame which when combined with matching end panels can give the effect of a wooden locker, though relatively cheap then a solid wood locker this is the most expensive of these three options.


Ready to leave wooden lockers behind and go for a better value option? Take a look at our Timberbox and Laminate lockers.