Digital Combination Lock Buying Guide

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Digital combination locks are a marriage of the best parts of locker locks, the added security of using numerical combinations with the ease of having an automatic mechanism for a lock, but with many different digital combination locks on the market which one has the right functionality for you? Maybe you are looking for something with a small footprint or the ability to audit who is using your lockers. In this guide we will be taking a look at a range of digital combination locks from the best value locks to locks with the most features and how you can utilise them. All of the locks featured in this article can accommodate door thickness up to 20mm. Looking for an RFID locking solution? You can check this article here for a guide on the best RFID locks.



Best Value – Kitlock KL1000



The KL1000 digital combaintion lock available from lockertekThe KL1000 Lock is our best value digital combination lock and provides a good all-round experience when it comes to build quality. The lock can be programmed for public and private modes and will accept multiple user codes in private mode. There is also a rubber gasket available which will give this lock an IP55 rating. The lock’s barrel has a double D shape which means it can be fitted to lockers without further modification as double D is the standard cutting for locker locks and also comes in 2 spindle lengths to accommodate for different door thicknesses. Colours are limited to black or silver, but other colours are available subject to a minimum quantity. The one let down to the KL1000 is the lack of a physical master key override, should there a mechanical failing with the automatic lock mechanism but on upside in the case of a battery failure, placing a 9v battery to the status lights at the top of lock will give the lock enough power to function so the batteries can be replaced.



Best All Rounder – Lowe & Fletcher 3780, 3781 and 3782



L&F 3780, 3781 and 3782 locks availbe from LockertekOk, so three locks in one place is a little bit cheating but these three locks are essentially the same lock but offer slightly different features. All three locks offer fantastic build quality and include public and private mode programming options. This lock doesn’t have a 9v battery override but does have the caveat of a physical master key override so the back of the lock can be accessed to change the batteries. The barrel on this lock is circular so will require extra routing on your locker doors if you are retro fitting. As well as silver and black colours, this lock is also available in a very sleek white colour. To explain the different models, the 3780 is the base model lock, the 3781 comes with a rubber gasket and has a special master key cover which gives the lock an IP55 rating and the 3782 comes with an ADA compliant handle which is easier to turn.




For Flush Fitting On A Budget - Lowe & Fletcher Horizon Lock



L & F Horizon LockThe Horizon lock is the newest digital combination lock from Lowe & Fletcher and sports a couple of features it’s older siblings do not. Namely, it’s new build means it can be flush fit to a locker for a much sleeker look including an ADA compliant handle that pops out when the code is entered. This lock also retains the physical master override key from the 3780 making it a very appealing choice for lockers as well as having a uniform colour scheme in either white or black.





Best build quality – ASSA ML51PA



ASSA ML51PA lock available from Lockertek From ASSA, the ML51PA has fantastic build quality as can be expected a well-known name. With a thinner and longer profile then the previous locks in this list, the ML51PA includes the same functions as the previous locks with private and public mode programming and includes a power override in the case of a battery failure but instead of using a 9v battery, a USB cable Is used, connected to anything that can give it power, such as a battery pack. The barrel is double D and has a long spindle to accommodate larger door thickness if your locks are wooden or MFC. It also includes a rubber gasket for an IP55 rating but lacks a physical master key override.



Most features – Digilock Axis



Digilock Axis Lock available from LockertekThe Axis Lock by Digilock is the most feature rich of the combination locks on this list and comes in a huge variety of sizes with options for ADA pull handles, RFID functionality different orientation options. The mechanics for the lock is located behind the door and are fully automatic so there is no handle to turn on the lock itself. These are available in silver as standard but made in several different colours subject to a minimum quantity. The real strength of this lock is the additional software that allows the locks to be remotely locked and unlocked and for auditing to allow user interaction to be tracked. These locks also feature a physical master key which is programmed to override the lock in the case of a forgotten code. A ribbon cable runs between the front panel and lock mechanism, allowing for the lock to be installed on a wide variety of door thicknesses.



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