Combination Lock Buying Guide 2018 Part 1: Mechanical Locks

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Combination Lock Buying Guide 2018
Combination locks are one of the most popular locks for use with lockers and have been in use since the late 19th century to secure safes, secure boxes and lockers of course!
We recently had an article explaining the key components of the combination lock but in this article, I will be giving a guide to which lock will be the right lock for you. I’m going to split this in two and go through the mechanical combination locks in this first part.
Mechanical combination lock’s offer robust construction with the lack of batteries that can lead to less faults. We will take a look at a handful of our mechanical locks, which in our experience, offer good value, low fail rates and ease of use.

1. Value 4 Digit Combination Lock

Value 4 digit combination lock buyers guide 2018
At our most affordable price point, the value 4-digit combination lock might be cheap, but it still offers a fantastic build quality and can be used more than 30,000 times before needing maintenance.
So, If the lock is used 3 times a day, every day, it will last for 28 years before being replaced. If that isn’t good value for money I don’t know what is! This lock also has button on it’s side to reprogram the code so it’s easily changeable.
A master key is also available which works as a ‘code finder’ in case the code is forgotten.





2. Universal Four Dial Combination Lock

L&F combination lock buyers guide.
From Lowe & Fletcher, this mechanical lock is British made and sports a superior build quality which is synonymous with the name Lowe & Fletcher. The lock has an ergonomic design that allows the user a good grip and makes the lock easy to turn.
This has caused our office to give it the nick name “the cookie-cutter” lock but despite the name, there is nothing cookie cutter about it’s design.
The lock as also has a button used to reset codes but this button is cleverly hidden until the lock is put into the open position.  This also has a master key which works as a ‘code finder’ in the case of a lost combination. 





3. Keyless 360 combination lock

keyless 360 combination buyers guide 2018 lockertek
Our last combination lock comes from keyless in the United States. And in true American fashion, this lock is built like an absolute tank! Constructed entirely in metal with no plastic components at all. This lock is built to stand punishment.
The fixing on this lock is not UK standard as can be expected so this will require modification to your existing doors to fit. This, like the other locks mentioned in this article has a master key option that allows for a lost code to be found.
The alpha numeric nature of the lock mechanism also allows for a far greater number of combinations to be made then the other combination locks available.




Our Final Verdict

Whilst all the mechanical combination locks we offer are a quality product. We find that the Lowe & Fletcher combination lock offers the best value for money with a reputable brand name and reliability that has seen it become the industry standard lock supplied with new lockers across the country. 

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