Avoiding health problems by using the right tools for laborious jobs, sack trucks and trolleys

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If your job contains a lot of manual handling, you work on a building site, on a factory floor or other such job, you’ll likely start to feel aches and pains if you’re not using the correct equipment to aid you in your daily duties. As part of health and safety protocols. Businesses must provide you with the correct equipment to perform your job safely without causing yourself any undue harm.



So, what is the right tool for the job?



Manual lifting can cause back problems and other strains. Using a sack truck can alleviate this strain by giving you a wheeled base to bare the weight of what you are carrying or transporting. Depending on the size and weight of what is being moved, a more heavy-duty truck might be required.


If you need to move more products at a time, then a larger 4-wheel trolley might be the right solution. A larger trolley will offer more load capacity to allow heavier items to be moved with no risk of injury. 


A multi tear shelf trolley is a good option for hospitality for transporting food and beverages for room service for instance. Trucks can also come with special anti-puncture wheels to avoid punctures if trucks are being used in such places as a workshop environment.



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