Assa Classic Coin Lock Cash Box

Posted by Annabel 31/10/2018 0 Comment(s) Lockers,

Our coin lock cash box is a superb product if you would like to be able to keep the money that is being put into the locks. This coin retainer box is perfect in places like swimming pool changing rooms, ice skating rinks and soft play areas. They can hold up to 60 coins and only the administration can empty them. This means that you can make money off your lockers.



The coin retainer box is strong and reliable and made so that you will only be able to access it with a key. This means that nobody else other than the administration will be able to access the coins inside the locks. The coin lock cash box is fitted to the bottom of our coin locks and it collects the coins that are pushed out of the locks when the key is inserted. The collection of the cash is easy because all of the coin lock cash boxes can be opened with the same key. 


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