ABUS 48mm One Dial Combination Lock

Posted by Annabel 31/10/2018 0 Comment(s) Lockers,

ABUS 48mm One Dial Combination Lock by lockertekThis combination lock is a great, traditional lock that is fantastic for school lockers. Its also got a very high protection against manipulation which means that no pesky people will be able to crack the lock without a code. To add to its strength, its shackle is made from hardened steel. Hardened steel is brilliant for locks because it ensures maximum strength and durability meaning that these locks will be some of the strongest combination locks, for lockers, on the market.



It also has black KTL-coating to protect the lock against corrosion. With this added feature, the combination lock will look newer for longer meaning that you will not have to repurchase these locks as often. With a 3 digit code, it is almost impossible to forget the combination. This makes it the perfect lock for forgetful students. It also means that students can take their valuables to school knowing that they will be safe and secure. In order to operate the lock, you simply turn the wheel until you reach the chosen numbers. It couldn’t be easier!



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