Bespoke Lockers

Bespoke Lockers

At Lockertek we understand that one size doesn't always fit all and sometimes our customers need a locker that suits a purpose that isn't currently available as an off the shelf product. If this is you then you have come to the right place.

We are famous for designing and manufacturing lockers to suit specific requirements and our team of experts can help with all aspects of the project from design to delivery.

Below are some of the ways you can personalise your bespoke locker.


We can manufacture your lockers from any material available in today's market including mild steel, SGL (solid grade laminate), MFC (melamine faced chipboard), MDF, real wood and plastic.

We are even close to being able to offer lockers manufactured from recycled materials such as old CDs or yoghurt pots.

You can even combine different materials in your lockers such as a mild steel carcass and an SGL door for an upmarket look at an affordable price.

Locker size

Whatever size you require we can help, we have manufactured bespoke lockers for hundreds of customers in a huge range of sizes to suit their individual needs. You can either send us the height, width and depth dimensions you require or simply let us know what you wish to store and we'll do the rest.

Internal shelves and compartment dividers

We can divide your bespoke locker up into different configurations to suit your storage needs, for example, we can add shelves or dividers to create separate compartments to accommodate whatever you wish.

Colours and finishes

The sky really is the limit when it comes to our choice of colours and finishes. Talk to our team and we can supply you with colour charts and physical samples if required. We can also any RAL or BS colours.

Locking mechanism

You can choose from a huge selection of locking mechanisms for your lockers, we stock everything from simple locks and keys right up to the latest RFID card reader technology, below is a list of the different lock types we offer.

  • Cam locks with keys (key operated lock)
  • Hasp and staple locks (the mechanism that secures with a padlock)
  • Mechanical combination locks (door mounted combination locks)
  • Electronic combination locks
  • RFID card or wristband operated locks

Charging and power

We are using more and more technology in our daily lives both for personal and business use. These items need to be securely stored and charged when not in use. We can add standard three-pin sockets or USB to each locker or compartment.

Custom graphics

We strongly believe that lockers should not only be functional but stylish too as they can take up quite a bit of space in your premises. We can print any design or image onto the front of your lockers, we can even produce your design for you.

Our graphics are of high quality and securely bonded to ensure a high definition but robust finish.

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