Elite Lockers

Elite Lockers

Below are all of the possible Elite Locker Spares and Replacement Parts you could ever need. Whether that's new keys as someone has lost one, master keys for the locker locks, card holders for the locker doors, replacement doors, sloping tops, seats and stands, we have it all - we have even put each brand into separate categories to make your lives so much easier!

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Elite Cam Lock Master Key

This key is specifically produced for our Elite replacement cam locks.This key allows for the user t..

£6.00 inc VAT: £7.20

Elite Locker Sloping Tops 14 Days

Elite Locker Sloping Tops

If you already have Elite Lockers then you can add sloping tops at any time to prevent rubbish ..


Elite Lockers 4R Series Replacement Locker Key

This key is specifically produced from this series for Elite locks. If you are unsure of what key yo..

£2.49 inc VAT: £2.99
10 or more £2.15
50 or more £1.85
100 or more £1.80

Elite Lockers Replacement Locker Doors

Replacement door for Elite lockers 1- 6 doors available and in various dimensions. To ensure yo..