Nesting Bolts

Nesting Bolts

Nesting bolts are essential to stop lockers moving on their own. They simply connect through pre-drilled holes in the side of your lockers to make them secure and to reduce the risk of them falling over and causing injury. Most locker manufacturers don't sully these with new lockers so don't forget to order these when buying your new lockers.

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Nesting Nuts And Bolts For Probe Lockers (Pack of 100)

Nesting nuts and bolts for Probe metal and laminate lockers. Pack of 100...

£12.00 inc VAT: £14.40

Nesting Bolts For Ultrabox Plastic Lockers (Pack of 100)

Nesting nuts and bolts to secure Ultrabox and Ultrabox Plus lockers side to side.All Ultrabox Plasti..

£16.00 inc VAT: £19.20