Industrial Products

Ice and snow management

With weather in Britain set to drop below freezing. Now is the time to make preparations to reduce the risks of accidents to both you and others. Clearing access and walkways can reveal dangerous ice below layered snow and using substances such as grit or de-icing salt can remove this bottom layer of ice and reduce slip hazards. This can be achieved either with a snow plough or a shovel to remove excess snow safely.

Once the snow has been removed, the surface underneath can then be assessed to see if it needs gritting or de-icing. Using a grit bin, this can be either spread manually by hand or with a shovel. A salt spreader can be used to remove this base layer of ice with ease, reducing the amount of manual handling involved. Removing the snow and melting the ice is only part of process. Adequate footwear with well ridged soles will also help to grip on slippery surfaces.

Metal shelving
An essential part of any industrial warehouse, office storeroom, archival facility and any business where large quantities of items need to be stored. Finding the right shelving unit is not as simple a task as one would believe for something as simple as a shelf. There are many factors to consider such as construction material, load bearing amounts, supporting methods and how the shelves will be used. Take a look at each of these points in detail so you can find the right industrial metal shelving units for your business.

Trucks and Trolleys

If your job contains a lot of manual handling, you work on a building site, on a factory floor or other such job, you’ll likely start to feel aches and pains if you’re not using the correct equipment to aid you in your daily duties. As part of health and safety protocols. Businesses must provide you with the correct equipment to perform your job safely without causing yourself any undue harm.

So, what is the right tool for the job?

Manual lifting can cause back problems and other strains. Using a sack truck can alleviate this strain by giving you a wheeled base to bare the weight of what you are carrying or transporting. Depending on the size and weight of what is being moved, a more heavy-duty truck might be required.