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Kl10 4 Digit Locker Combination Lock Master Key

This key is specifically produced for our Kl10 combination locks. If you are unsure of what key you ..


Kl1000 electronic lock rubber gasket

This rubber gasket is made to fit the KL1000 set of locker locks and adds a layer of protection to t..


KL1000 Electronic Locker Lock Replacement Parts Pack

This pack of replacement parts contains everything you would need to replace on the KL1000 locker lo..


Kl1000 Value Electronic locker lock 14 Days

Kl1000 Value Electronic locker lock

The KitLock 1000 locker locks are a quick retrofit for keyed cam locks supplied as standard on ..


KL1050 Value Electronic RFID Lock 14 Days

KL1050 Value Electronic RFID Lock

This KL1050 is a simple, RFID lock providing codeless access to lockers, cabinets, cupboards and var..


KL10 Value Mechanical Combination Lock

The KL10 is a durable, compact, easy to use mechanical lock which can be both retrofitted or install..