High School

We supply Lockers to hundreds of high schools across the UK. The most popular type being our standard steel range, or for those wanting something more robust or with a contemporary finish our laminate door lockers would be perfect. Laptop and tablet lockers are also very popular for IT storage with schools. Mobile phone lockers are becoming more popular to prevent distractions in class.

Primary school

We are proud to be the first company in the UK to develop a locker specifically designed for primary school use. Our Ultimate range consists of two variants:

Key stage one – for younger students up to year four

Key stage two – for year five and six students

These lockers have been designed to withstand the rigours of school life and feature fully welded frames and doors rather than pop rivets. This increases their strength by up to 50%. Our primary school lockers also feature a large easy to use turn handle which keeps belongings stowed away without the need for a lockable fitting.


There are many different types of gyms in the UK. From no frills, 24/7 gyms who typically purchase standard metal lockers to high end clubs who offer luxury changing rooms for their customers.

We supply a whole range of lockers suitable for use in any type of gym or club. We can also supply bench seating, vanity units and much more.

Leisure and sports centres

Most leisure centres in the UK use wet area lockers with aluminium frames and solid grade laminate doors. These lockers are perfect because they are designed to operate in wet and chlorine rich environments such as changing rooms and swimming pools. Check out our Zenbox range of lockers which offer fantastic quality, choice and value for money.


Stock theft has always been one of the largest problems facing retailers. To counter this, we supply an excellent range of retail lockers. These feature either a fully clear door or a clear panel which shows the contents of each compartment and can therefore help reduce theft.


Hospitals tend to either use our standard steel lockers, twin lockers or z lockers depending on their storage needs. Clinical staff such as doctors and nurses really like our twin or z lockers as they offer more flexible space for changing between outdoor clothes and uniforms.

Support staff on the other hand are usually issued with our standard steel lockers. Both of these locker types feature Active-coat protection in the paint which offers superior protection against bacteria and infection at no extra cost. Wire mesh lockers also prove to beneficial in this space due to their ample ventilation qualities.

Factories and distribution centres

Manufacturers and distribution centres tend to have a lot of staff and therefore need an effective storage solution for both permanent and temporary staff. Most manufacturers opt for our standard steel lockers arranged in door configurations to suit the storage needs of different departments. If uniforms are provided, our highly effective uniform systems allow for clean and dirty clothing to be distributed and collected by the laundry provider.

For the MOD

We have provided lockers to all branches of the Ministry of Defence for a whole range of uses. From lockers that store pilot’s G-suits and helmets to cabinets that store personal clothing and uniforms for new recruits in the army. The MOD tend to order a mixture of standard off-the-shelf products and bespoke, depending on the needs of the user.

Sports clubs

We supply lockers to practically every type of sports club you can think of. The locker type typically ordered can vary considerably depending on the type of sport they play, what they are storing (other than outdoor clothes and personal belongings) and the status of the club. For example, hockey clubs really like our range of z lockers are the are perfect for storing hockey sticks etc, whereas bowls clubs prefer a wider but smaller compartment suitable for their equipment.


The most common locker type for staff is our steel locker with either two, three or four compartments. These offer the perfect combination of storage space and value for money.


One thing that back of house areas of hotels are not blessed with is space, most larger hotels are like rabbit warrens with very little space for staff changing. With this in mind we have a range of innovative space saving lockers that will maximise the capacity of any changing room without compromising on internal storage space.

To the trade

As well as supplying lockers to end users we can also supply our range to the trade as well. Simply send us your enquiry and we’ll do the rest. Get in touch with our trade team on 01953 718221


We supply a huge range of lockers for use in all industrial applications. The most popular type we supply are either steel lockers with perforations to increase airflow or our wire mesh lockers.

Emergency services

Emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance all have a unique storage needs and we recognise this, which is why we supply a range of lockers that fits the need of each perfectly. If you are looking for something a bit different then we are happy to design you a bespoke locker that suits your needs perfectly.

Golf clubs

The secret to a good golf locker is simple, they must be able to store a large trolley bag, as well as golf shoes and personal belongings. Golf clubs also tend to like a refined-up market look in their changing rooms. Our range of golf lockers have been designed in conjunction with real golf clubs to ensure they tick every box and are always up to par.

Holiday parks

Holiday parks tend to have lockers for staff which are normally our steel range, and also lockers in the swimming pool area for customer use. These lockers, like leisure centres tend to be our Zen Box range as they are water and chlorine resistant.

For public use

Lockers are always featured in public use areas like trampoline parks, ice skating rinks, zoos, theme parks… in fact the list is endless. These can be any derivative from our range but as they are for public use, they should be robust and feature a locking mechanism which is designed for multiple users. Electronic locks, coin locks and RFID locks are the most common type.


We are specified by, and work with architects and construction companies on a daily basis to deliver locker and changing room projects across all sectors.